Parents are the most important partners in the educational growth of their children. Your commitment to the process is as critical as your student’s, and one that flourishes with a mutual expectation of trust, honesty and open communication.

A Concierge Tutor

When a parent engages Simon Says! to work with their child, they are assured that each student’s needs are met in an attentive, personalized manner and that the time spent learning is enjoyable, positive and productive. Parents can also expect:
An Experienced Special Educator
  • Adept at working with students of all ages
  • Individualized instruction
  • Knowledgeable interpretation of psycho-educational evaluations
  • An Inclusive Learning Experience
  • Parent book clubs and discussion groups
  • Constant communication and updates on child’s progress
  • Incorporation of child’s strengths/talents into the learning experience
  • Personalized Programming
  • Instruction that addresses students' strengths and challenges
  • Corresponding enrichment activities
  • Executive functioning and time management
  • Access and availability